Piston to Turbine Seminar

10:30 AM Saturday Nov. 4th, 2017

Maximizing value with peace of mind.

Aviation Unlimited has a proven track record in Canadian, U.S. and International Aircraft sales for over 25 years. Our reputation and Canadian distributorship position help drive volumes of buyer traffic to contact us in search of the right aircraft. We specialize in high performance, technically advanced, owner-flown aircraft. Our goal is simple: maximize value while offering all parties peace of mind.

Sell your aircraft privately?

The common misconception is that an aircraft can be sold by placing an advertisement and waiting for prospects to come to you .In reality a successful transaction requires a proactive selling strategy by way of active solicitation. People tend to underestimate that an aircraft transaction generates hundreds of back and forth communications. This means phone calls, direct mailers, seminars, demo tours, etc. To a private seller, this level of exposure and solicitation is not feasible or far too burdensome.

What the commission really buys?

Buying an aircraft should be the realization of a long-time dream. That being said, most buyers encounter obstacles throughout the transaction. Whether it be handling the results of a pre-purchase inspection, obtaining insurance, financing, transition training, or absorbing a trade in aircraft, these challenges impose headaches and inconveniences for the private owner looking to sell their aircraft. The customer’s experience hinges on our ability to overcome these obstacles together. Managing these conflicts is part of the customer’s expectations and a large portion of what the commission buys.

What’s my aircraft worth?

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